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In a matter of weeks I will be unpublished.  Republica Press, the publisher of Finding Anastasia, Dedication, and Voyeur, has notified its authors that it will be unable to continue.  I felt the first cold writhing of worry when the whole Paypal censorship issue raised its head.  (If you’re unaware of the whole story I’ll direct you to the amazing, passionate Banned Writers Collective – everything is laid out there.)  I know full well what content RP publishes and that they’ve been one of the few houses willing to go into the murky waters of taboos.

It wasn’t long before a fellow author let me know that things weren’t looking good.  That Paypal was the proverbial straw.

All of this of course is happening while I’m making my trip across the Atlantic for Eroticon!  Which, I need to blog more on, but it deserves another post.

I came back from England sick.  I had fever dreams that the haunting censors of my childhood were taking giant erasers to my work and removing it from existence.

I don’t know where my novellas will end up next.  I had an idea but at the moment it’s floating in the aether waiting for resolution.  So if you’re of a mind to own a copy of one of them, I urge you to get your copy before April 1st.  Because that’s when they will disappear.

The picture above is one I took at the British Museum.  It’s called Crouching Venus and is a depiction of the goddess being surprised while bathing.  I have shots from all around the piece.  What I love about it is that no matter what angle you view her from, you can’t really see anything.

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  1. I’d publish ya. Unless you had something truly awful, like no serial commas. I mean, there are limits. ;)

    If you send me an email, I’ll let you know when the revised, more-gorgeous-than-ever-before site is up. I mean, it’s up now, but it won’t blow your socks up yet, like it will.

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