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Eroticon :: A View from the Inside

There’s something special about being with something from the very beginning. The entirely of yesterday was the culmination of nearly a year’s work. Nearly a year of one woman’s work. And I tell you, I am beyond impressed.
I have the honor and pleasure of counting Ruby Kiddell as one of my best friends. She’s been there for me, mostly from across the Atlantic ocean, through one of the most transitional and important times of my life. We celebrate each others’ triumphs and commiserate with wine-enabled Skype calls.
I remember on one such call when she said…”I’m thinking of organizing an erotica writer and sex blogger conference…”. It’s amazing both how long and how short a time ago that was.
I’ve had the pleasure of watching this conference come to life. I saw it emerge from the dream and grow, developing both character and style. And then, then Ruby asked me to speak at it. At first I thought she was teasing. I mean, what could I possibly have to contribute? But eventually I managed to get past that insecure inner voice and realized that I would be honored to do so.

From the moment I walked into the Armada House yesterday I was impressed. It’s one thing to hear your friend talk about all the plans and use you for a sounding board and another to see it all brought to life in such amazing form. I’ll post more once I’m home and on a proper keyboard about the sessions I attended and the people I met, but I couldn’t not share the experience of Eroticon. The conference was full of style and class and fun. It was a long, exuberant day of discussion and laughter and just plain camaraderie.

I hope I can attend next year. I encourage you to start saving away a bit here and there to treat yourself to the sort of experience I got to consume yesterday. Because at the end of it you will be high and enlivened by it.

4 thoughts on “Eroticon :: A View from the Inside

  1. So glad you enjoyed! I read Lucy Felthouse’s brief account of your session, and it sounded very cool as well as like something I would have loved to attend. :)

    Reading this post reminded me of the pleasure of meeting you in Las Vegas last September—so glad I had the chance! I’m delighted that you so enjoyed this conference, and that it took place.

    Wishing you all the best,

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