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Spanish Moss

Dear readers,

I think this is the longest I’ve let my site gather dust and for that I must apologize. While there are reasons for my extended hiatus I won’t go into them. Still, it has been a very long time in the time sense of the internet, long enough that many people I used to consider peers are long gone and others are simply gone from my life.

Still. Fresh starts are all well and good, but I don’t want to forget the path I’ve traveled to arrive at the here and now. I’m rebuilding my life and part of that will be refreshing this site and returning to writing. I hope. My muse has been quiet for so very long. I’ve done other creative things…drawing, painting, woodturning and boatbuilding…so I fervently hope that she will return to noodle around in my brain and stir stories once more.

My gypsy ways has seen me move on from Atlanta to the sultry, lush land of north Florida. There’s salt water an hour and a half from me going that way, and two hours going the opposite. There are rich tannic rivers to slip my paddleboard over(don’t dip the toes, alligators!) and crystal clear springs to stun the mind and soul. I expect this land will see me returning to the story of MacKenzie O’Dell and her struggle with family and love and a fear of commitment. I also hope to pick up the tales of my phoenix, Brigid as I rediscover the rhythms of living alone.

So – please do forgive the broken links and detritus as I give the site a once over. I’ll be making my archive available soon – much of it was pulled down(forgive me for forgetting why I did that). So stay tuned!



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