100 Word Flashers, Erotica

Twitterotica ~ #Sudoku

I’ve been missing the spontaneous creativity Twitter can spawn.  So tonight I asked for a prompt for a 100 word flash fic.  I’ll be damned in @_Monocle_ didn’t throw #Sudoku at me. 


“Seven there.”
Her jaw flexed. The pen tore the paper. The candle flickered, echoing the wind-driven rain. Out here it would be morning before we had power again.
“One-” Her fingers closed around my wrist. “Sudoku is like Solitaire, Sierra.” Jamie moved, twisted, and I lifted to my feet, then toes. She bent me forward.
I swallowed as the flame of the candle filled my vision. Her fingers shoved past my skirt and panties.
“You’re wet.” She thrust, hard, fast. “You could’ve asked.” My breath leapt from my lips, tearing the flame from the wick.
“I know. More.”

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