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#Chain ~ #DailyPractice

Finding my way back to my sexy muse this evening…still a little rusty, but damn I had fun writing this little vignette.

It’s a moment caught in the fragile web of anticipation. Her breath is trapped in the grasp of my teeth on the skin of her collarbone. There will be a mark there tomorrow, purple parentheses enclosing this memory. Her fingers twine in my hair, pulling me away, her back arches chasing my mouth, her body a twist of conflicting desires. My nails drag along her ribs, her grip tightens and fireworks bloom across my scalp.

My teeth release and drift across her chest and close once more. Another bite, another mark. Her hips buck beneath mine and my thighs hold hers closed. “Not yet,” I whisper between one bite and the next. She writhes and I let her roll, sinking my teeth into the soft, sensitive flesh behind and below her shoulder. Her keen is sharp and abrupt.

“Please,” she begs and I growl around my bite.

I pin her with hands around her wrists and my weight. Every embrace of my teeth winds her tighter as I wrap a chain of bite marks round and round. By the time my teeth find the curve of her hip bone I can smell her arousal and hear the insistent need in her voice. “One more,” I breathe and let my lips tease the soft swell of her lower belly. My knees press her thighs open. She whimpers. I press soft kisses in a path to the inside of her thigh and up.

“Please,” she breathes and I chuckle, low and throaty.

“What?” My breath teases closer to her cunt and I feather my lips at crease of her thigh.

“Oh fuck, please.” I lick a line so close to her clit I can taste her.

“What,” I ask again as her hips chase my mouth.

“Please, now,” she gasps and I skate the edges of my teeth across her mound. “Bite me, please,” she finally groans and I sink my teeth into her. She clutches at my head, pushing and pulling and grinding and moaning. She’s so aroused my fingers slick through her folds and inside her with a sound so obscene my own stomach goes liquid and hot. I hold her caught between my teeth and my fingers and fuck and fuck and fuck.

“Oh fuck,” she moans and her orgasm blooms. It’s deep and vibrant and throaty. Her body pivots around the flat edges of my teeth and I hold fast, my hunger a feral, starved beast. I’m not done and she’s not done though she’s shuddering and trembling when I loose her at last.

I climb up her body, following the panting heave and swell of her chest, tasting the sheen of her with the broad flat of my tongue until I hover atop her. I settle my hips between her thighs and match our bodies, cunt to cunt, breast to breast. Her eyes are glazed until my teeth sink into her tender, swollen lower lip.

“Now. Again.”

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