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Happy Friday and some twitterotica ~ #Follow

Happy Friday, everyone :)

Fridays aren’t the same for me as most, but I’ll celebrate it with ya.  So TGI-Fucking-F! (what? I can say that! I’m not safe for work in anyway shape or form!)

Some of you, if you follow me on twitter may have noticed I’ve been tweeting about a project.

A secret project.

A super secret project.

Well, it’s not a writing one, per se, but I’ve very excited about it!  I can’t wait to tell y’all about it, but I can’t do that yet so just squiggle a little happy dance for me and stay tuned, ok?

So I did a bit of flash fiction last night, then another later on.  The first is a 100 word flasher, the second a 250 word.  It’s been a while since I indulged in some short fiction.  There’s something uniquely elegant about flash fiction.  It’s like the beauty of a line drawing or a winter landscape.  Without the details there can sometimes be even more story.

The following is my bit of twitterotica from last night.  Definitely a departure from my norm, but fun to write nonetheless.  Walk Off The Earth’s cover of Gotye’s Somebody I Used to Know is what kicked this off.  




I betrayed myself looking two seconds too long.

“Do you know him?” She swirled her Cosmo, swiped her finger around the rim and sucked at the tip.

I glanced back across the room. You sat at the bar swirling a tumbler. I couldn’t hear the clink of the ice nor smell the whiskey.

“I used to,” I answered. Her nail polish matched the cosmo, the finger dipped into the drink and swirled again.

“Do you want to fuck him?”

Games within games and this one tiresome. I leaned back, sipped my tequila, and studied you again. Beat-up jeans, boots, twill shirt rolled up to reveal forearms. Perhaps you’d finally discovered the reward of an honest day’s work. I could see flecks of silver in your dark hair and your eyes crinkled at the corners.

“Do you?” It wasn’t in the script, my answer. She went still beside me and I shoved my chair back. I dropped three crisp bills onto the table.

“Have another on me, then go on and have him.”

My cock tightened as I left. I felt her eyes on me but it was yours that did it. All too well I remembered pressing into your ass and the way you looked over your shoulder at me. Your lost expression, your clenching muscles, your desperate sounds when you came. Your mouth still had that obscene fullness that made me twitch. The humid night enveloped me. I wondered. Would you follow me, again?


3 thoughts on “Happy Friday and some twitterotica ~ #Follow

  1. A bit late to this one – not been online much.
    But…oooohhhh…this one was…mmmrrrr….
    Kinda made me go, “Hngh”, in a kinda high-pitched way….

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