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Morning all,

Well, I’m back in the pilot’s chair today, which means I’ll be diving into a couple of different WIPs and pushing to get a few things off for submission.  Those of you who’ve been hanging around for a while probably remember the Nexus project from last fall, a fundraising effort I did to help out my friend and director Michael Bekemeyer.

Yes.  I’m back with another nudge for you all.  Not for Michael, this time, though if you want to see what all that hype in November was about, check in with Michael.  GUSH is in production mode, cast and soon to be filming.  But this post isn’t about him ;)

Let me introduce you to Miranda Sajdak.  She has a kickstarter campaign going right now, and I just can’t NOT tell y’all about it.  I want to see this movie made.  And I’m hoping you’ll agree too.  Her film is called Gone.  Go.  Look.  Read.  And if you can spare a dollar or two, pitch in some help.

You call follow bits about the movie on twitter at @GoneTheMovie

So that’s my bit for today.  ;)












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