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Bills and pills

This morning’s been dedicated to things mundane, I fear.  I’m still not quite back on EST, so at this point I’ve showered, mostly dressed, and paid my bills.  Cause you always have to do that, y’know, even when you’d rather be writing.  And I need to take Midol.  Urgh.

I’ve scheduled a writing retreat on my sailboat this weekend, so outside of short stories I’m tending to administrative this and thats.  And, well, it’s hard to feel sexy and inspired when you need to take Midol. ;)

So I’ll leave you with today’s theme song as I plug my way through my honey-do list(yeah…sometimes I have to sweet talk myself).  My first exposure to this song came courtesy of the fantastic, larger than life Alison Tyler herself, and every now and again my favorite honorary twin sister, Sommer Marsden, reminds me of it too.  Here y’all go ;)

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