Productivity and feeding the soul

I used to think sleeping in was overrated. Me, I’m up at the buttcrack of dawn tooling along while everyone around me(y’know, on FB and twitter and so on) is groggily tweeting about coffee or simply pulling the covers over their heads.
Since my move I’ve done better at that. Partly thanks to a nice dark bedroom and staying up later than I likely ought to.
This morning I woke at 8:30…stretched, yawn, wiggled and discovered I felt fan-fucking-tastic. Checked the weather….60 degrees…sunny, light breeze.
Wow. Didn’t take me long to settle into a chair on the balcony with a cup of coffee warming my palms and my toes chilled. It felt awesome.
I puttered. I dawdled. I called my mom, chatted for a bit. Then I sat down and busted out about thousand words in about 45 minutes. 1018 unplotted words just done and done.
It’s about 78 degrees out now. There’s a gentle breeze, just enough to make the trees down in the courtyard shift gently. I’ve got the ac off and the bedroom and living room windows open.
Suddenly my home feels as calm and settling as my visit to the boat did.
I’m guessing fall and spring in Atlanta are going to be my major times of productivity. Just because I can be surrounded by the outdoors and comfortable. When I think back to living in NY it was these times of years that my muse stood up and shook herself awake and aware. So I’m going to make good use of this.

I’m not sure if the CyberBorn wip’s going to be a novel or novella. It’s sitting at just over 8K now and there’s a good chunk of story to go. I’m excited. I’m rarin’ and ready to go.

This is my song today. I’m loving the beat, the lyrics….all of it.

The Devil Is An Angel, Too – Javina Magness (I’d embed the video, but it just won’t cooperate today!!)

4 thoughts on “Productivity and feeding the soul

  1. Strange that you say that because I feel the same way about writing since I moved down here. In the spring and fall I spend more time outside and it’s just something about having the windows open with a goodly breeze coming in that motivates and inspires me. I can imagine how awesome it must be to write on your boat. I miss living close to big water. The little waterfall downtown is cute but it just doesn’t cut it.

  2. It’s great to see you able to take life easy for awhile.
    So what’s the tipping point from Novella to Novel? The piece I started writing five days ago is at 28K already and I thought it was only going to be a novella but maybe I’m seriously overestimating how large a novella can be since most of the Novels I read are 100k or more.

    1. Y’know, that’s a good question and I think depends alot on genre and publisher. As far as erotica go, most of what I’ve seen say at least 20k for a novella and 40k for a novel. But we both write scifi/fantasy stuff, and those genres seem to have their own rules…

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