Just four minutes . . .

That’s all I’ve got to wait for coffee….cofffeeeeeee.

(Yes, I want one of these.  totally impractical, but would just be fancy as fuck to time my coffee with.  Proof I’m a cawfee snob ;)  Of course, this thing isn’t going to beeeeeeeeeep at me like my regular timer to remind me that I’ve wandered off to do something else.

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.  Yeah.  Like that.

Yes. It’s ten am.  No, I haven’t had coffee yet.  That’s ok.  Cause there’s a sexy woman in my bed and I’m settling down to write for a bit.  Noooo….I won’t got join her(again) ’cause she’s doing her thang and I need to do mine.  But that’s ok, cause I like it when she can do her stuff from my bed.  Or couch.  Or…well, whereeva ;)

Ohh! Coffee’s done….hang on….

ahhhhhhhh.  Mmmmmmm.  Oh god that’s soooooooo…

AHem.  Right.  Sorry.  Where were we?

Oh yes.  My stuff.  So I decided to give Scrivener a shot.  If you don’t know what that is, just bop over there and check it out.  I’ve heard about it from more than one author and after having to jump in and out of my WIP yesterday morning trying to keep track of my characters I decided I needed something to help me keep things organized.  I can’t really given you any kind of a review yet, but trust me, if it works for me, y’all will know ;)

Anywho.  I’ve brought The Courier wip back into the mix and will be working on that today.  I loaded it into Scrivener last night, plotted out the next few scenes and I’m ready to dive in.  CyberBorn’s not on the back burner, but it’s chilling for the moment while I decide where the characters are going next.

I also whipped out a not so nice, filthy short story over the last couple of days, and I hope to be sending that out for submission soon.

So.  That’s that.  Now….time to write!

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