Where’s the time?

I love this, don’t you?

Where has the time gone?  I went to note something on my calendar today and just had to blink for a moment.  We’re half way(and change) through February!  Who’s been snacking on the days?  Did they disappear in the wash with all the missing socks? (It’s amazing, by the way…I live alone, do my own wash, and I still lose socks.  I’ve lost a TOE SOCK!! *gasp*).

Right. Where was I?  OH! The time! Would you look at the time?  Two weeks from today I’ll be packed and counting down the hours for my departure to England.  Yep.  England.  It’s going to be an awesome trip.  My girl and I are going to attend Eroticon 2012 and then ramble around London for a couple of days.  I’m really looking forward to it.

But seriously…where has the time gone?  My concept of what I’d have accomplished by mid-February was apparently all kinds of wrong.

I’d best get to it.  Y’know.  Get busy…

Nooo…not *that* kind of busy.

Well.  Ok… I wouldn’t mind that either ;)

By the way…did you see my challenge?  Will you take it?  It’s called the Random Muse, and I hope you’ll see where the prompts takes your imagination….

One thought on “Where’s the time?

  1. I feel exactly the same! Where the hell did January and, well, February disappear to? Can’t wait to meet you at Eroticon! And if you’re rambling around London I may have to beg a bit of rambling with you too.

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