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Once upon a weekend a muse glimpsed something entirely random.  And suddenly there was a story there to be told and the artist is hied along on said muse’s heels chasing inspiration.

I know, it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted a challenge.  And I’m posting this on a Sunday, which probably doesn’t seem quite fair to some people, but the mood struck me so here you go.  This is the reincarnation of the Weekend Writer.

The image at the left is of page 233 from the Pictorial Webster : A Visual Dictionary of Curiosities.  I love this book.  And really, it’s entirely random.  I told a random number generator to pick a page between 1 – 432.  And this is what I got.

The challenge is quite simple.  Share with me where this page takes your creativity.  Does it spawn a story, poem, a surrealistic painting? Yes?

Then I hope you’ll follow the inspiration and share where it leads.

Some prompts and challenges have time limits.  I’m not going to limit this one.  If someone finds it eight months from now I hope they will still post a link to the outcome.

That’s it.  Simple, right?  The only thing I ask is this.  Please add your link to the list below.  Please link back to the page.  Please, if you’re on Facebook or Twitter, post with the hashtag #RandomMuse so that others can share in your creativity.

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