When you can’t be silent…

A link popped into my Twitter timeline this morning, retweeted by the lovely Shanna Germain.  It led me here.

That site started my gears grinding.  Not the grinding to a stop sort of grinding, but that shifting so fast you forget to use the clutch kind.

Which resulted in me curling up against the arm of my couch tapping away on my ipad at a facebook post.  On my “me” facebook.  Well, a couple hundred words in I realized that what I was writing was more than a FB post.

So I snagged it and dropped it into the notepad app and kept working away at it.

Then, my gears still whirling, I pushed it into my WP app and off I went.

My post isn’t here.  Nor is it over at Swirling Currents.  I posted it at a blog that I built for my sister and I.  We rarely use it, but I set it up to push everywhere.  It pushes to FB and twitter and just about anywhere I can think to publish it to.  Because, generally speaking, it’s not R-rated.  Or even PG-13.  Well.  Except maybe today’s.

So, if you’re interested in what I had to say, and why I instructed FB friends and twitter followers alike to unfriend/unfollow if they disagree with me….follow the link and take a look.  Because, you see,  it seems I’m a slut.


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