Morning Morning Morning….

Hello, Monday, how’re you?  Ah, rainy, dreary, glum….the norm, I see.  Well, I’m not too bad today, outside of being a bit sore still from acting as a tugboat for my sailboat Saturday even.  I tell ya, that was one hell of a workout!

Morning all :)  I’m trying to get back to some sort of a schedule here(I know, we’ll see how long that lasts).  I started today with a writing prompt over at Six Minute Story and I’ll make this a Monday Ritual.  After the oddball schedules that usually make up my weekends I think having a regular writing prompt to kick off the week that’s short and varies will be a good way to kick the muse in the butt.  I also very much enjoy the different ways the prompts tickle my imagination; looking back over the different pieces I’ve written for the site they definitely span quite the range!

I also took the time, while I was at it, to find another prompt that is equally random and found Three Word Wednesday.  The owner of the blog posts three words every Wednesday, with their definitions, and you write something with those words.  From my calculations it looks like this writing prompt has been around for more than five years! Quite impressive.  Again, this appeals to me because it’s very freeform, in fact, it doesn’t specify it has to be a story, even.  So I’m looking forward to that one.  I haven’t written for this one yet and I think I’ll wait for this week’s words to go up Wednesday instead of trying to rush and use last week’s.

I believe Wank Wednesday is currently on hiatus and I’m still up in the air about reviving Fuck Me Fridays.  They were fun, but the prompt was rather narrow in the writers it aimed at and as I enjoy the prompts that are open to a wider realm I’m inclined to offer the same.  So, look for the return of the Weekend Writer this week and every weekend for a while, I hope!

Ok…time to get to work…well, writing work.  Cause for some reason writers never give themselves credit for the wordcount of blogposts…. I’m not the only one like that, am I?

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