100 Word Flashers, Erotica

#Draw . . .100 words of #Twitterotica

remember these?  The little 100 words of heat, the flashes of fuckery, the peeks into filthy minds?  This one is for the word #Draw…look for others on Twitter for more.

I take care as I prowl, seeking to draw you out. You’re the predator and will not tolerate being hunted.

I wander into the circle of your attention, bare my throat,  leave my eyes downcast. Your teeth bare in a feral smile and my cunt pulses. I find the shadows, drift into their safety, watch and wait.

You track me, hunting until your hands find my wrists. Sharp teeth descend, your lips part in a moan. “You.” The word is gasped, you grasp my hair. I sink, scent my way to your heat.

“Please me, slut.”

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