Just wiggle a little. . .

I haz teh toe socks!!  I’ve been in love with my Vibrams(y’know, the not so fashionable but oh so comfortable toe shoes) since I finally got a pair over the summer.  Well, my adopted sister, Sommer Marsden, gave me a gift certificate to Sock Dreams for Christmas.  Which means, I haz toe socks!!

I’m totally in love with them.  They’ve little nubby grippy things on the bottom and are just so damned comfortable :)  I’m sporting the blue ones at the moment, but have a pair of grey ones in the wings.  I have happy feet!

On the writing side of things, I’ve got quite the interesting tooty novella in the works.  It has a post-acopylyptic world, Weres, and subverted memories so far!  I’m diving back into the work now with a hope of getting another thousand or so words in tonight while I wiggle my toes and sip on some wine.

Hope everyone’s holiday plans are going well!

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