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It’s a Morning, Noon, and Night thing!

There’s really never a bad time to have sex.  And Alison Tyler put together one hell of a hot anthology to prove it! You’ll find my little hot flasher at the beginning of a killer line up in Morning, Noon, and Night.

I can’t quite remember where I wrote that tight little piece; chances are I was sitting on my couch, though I could have easily been at my desk, in bed, in my building residents’ lounge, at my girlfriend’s, on my sailboat …

You see, I write just about anywhere.  Most days instead of a purse I carry a leather knapsack – in it you’ll find a couple of notebooks, pens, pencils, markers, as well as my ipad, a bluetooth keyboard and a backup battery pack.  This means I can answer inspiration when it knocks on my door, even when I’m not actually behind my door.

Honestly, more often than not up until recently, most of my writing was done on my laptop while sitting on my couch.  This was mainly because the pups aren’t allowed in my office and I hadn’t yet reached a comfort level where I thought I could leave them to their own ends in the living room while I worked.

Now, things are changing again, and I’m actually away from home more than I’m there, so I’m writing wherever I can find the time and space!

So…back to the blog tour! AT is giving away prizes during this whole shebang, so leave comments for entries and follow along for more fun, insight, and hotness!

1/13 Alison Tyler
11/14 Sasha White
11/15 Vida Bailey
11/16 Cheyenne Blue
11/17 Donna George Storey
11/18 Aisling Weaver
11/19 Teresa Noelle Roberts
11/20 Cora Zane
11/21 Angell Brooks
11/22 Justine Elyot
11/23 Kristina Lloyd
11/24 Preston Avery
11/25 Ashley Lister
11/26 Victoria Janssen
11/27 Always Each Other
11/28 Tamsin Flowers hosts Jeremy Edwards
11/29 Tenille Brown
11/30 Kat Watson
12/1 Alison Tyler
12/2 Sommer Marsden

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