I challenge you. . . #vanilla

The hardest things sometimes are the simplest.  I admit I’ve let the #fuckmefriday challenges languish…in part because they get lost amidst all the weekend todos and so forth.  But today, I’ve a challenge for anyone who thinks they’re up to it.

I challenge you to tackle the complexity of the simplest things.
In some respects it’s easiest to write the kink, the filthy, the stolen fumbles in the shadows.  Will you take the challenge and write the sweet, the loving, the simple pleasures?

For that is the challenge.

Write the vanilla and make it as sexy as all those kinky, deviant things we all tackle so much.  Steal the breath from your reader’s chest, leave the reader with parted lips whispering a soft “oh” at the end.

Do you dare?

Will you brave it?  I look forward to seeing who will.

If you do take it up, please link back below and tweet it with the hashtag #Vanilla.


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