I want the wolf!! – Guest writer Sommer drops by for a visit…

I want the Wolf

a guest post from Sommer Marsden

I knew I had to use that as the title when I asked if anyone would be willing to host me for guest blogs—zombies or werewolves—dealer’s choice. Aisling immediately emailed “I want the wolf!”

Umm. Me too. I always want the wolf. Don’t get me wrong, there are some smoking hot vampires out there. But I want the wolf. Even in the Underworld movies…wolf. I mean, I could get down with a hybrid—seriously, did you see him. But overall, wolf.

Let’s figure out why, shall we?

Due to their very nature of changing they are not hairy all the time. Don’t even say that to me! I’m not fond of an overly hairy man in general, but when in wolf form…hey, have as much hair as you want. And they are warm. I much prefer a warm body, a warm embrace, a warm…um…tongue to a cold one. They are a bit on the hot-headed side—fine by me. I’m a Sagittarius. I’m a fire sign. Let’s go a few rounds verbally and then have angry, angry werewolf sex. They are pure unadulterated power and that’s the most smoking hot thing I can think of (though my wolves—the heroic ones—tend to have a heart of gold). And my fave: they can smell when you’re turned on.

Pretty much the perfect man (or woman, if you prefer your wolves of a bad ass girly nature. Which I did write in Base Nature. I loved her. She was yummy).

I think it all comes down to a hardwired preference though. I know folks who will argue vampires to the bitter end. Me, I’ll argue for the wolves. And it’s a gut level thing. Or maybe a tiny bit lower than gut…heh.

Due to a plethora of dog jokes in Big Bad, I give you a glimpse of the member of our family who thinks he’s a big bad wolf. But he’s really just a little red wiener.

So you tell me, do you want the wolf? Or are you a fang banger all the way. Say hi at each stop of my Big Bad Blog Bash and you can win Ruby’s socks. Smoking hot striped socks from Wolf hair not included.



P.S. I have a copy to give away to someone who comments on this post…pdf or alt. format as needed…..someone ask for it!


Excerpt from BIG BAD by Sommer Marsden


I took a shower, standing in the heat and steam and wondering if I had been stupid to take Tyler at his word. He was a guy, after all. And hot-headed, possessive and even petulant on occasion.  It was part of why I loved him. Being a vampire didn’t cool that part of his nature any, but he wasn’t over the top about it.

“Which is why you took him at his word and went ahead and dove head first into your natural lust for him, you dipshit,” I scolded myself. The water blazed super hot and outside I heard a crack of thunder. Odd to have a thunderstorm this late in the season. I climbed out, because being electrocuted was not on my To-Do list for today.

Rain beat the windows and inside of me a pulse seemed to beat in time with the weather. I could feel the sex and the orgasms’ ghosts deep in my pussy. The bite on my back beat in time with my cunt and my heart. They were already healing. Most of the bites from earlier were already gone.

I’d have to ask Tyler about that.

I wiped the steam from the mirror and stared at myself. My own blue eyes, my own dark blond hair. I spotted a few silver strands mixed in with the brown and platinum. Truth be told, I didn’t mind. “So this is what I look like.”

The words startled me. More than the words, though, the ease with which that unanticipated sentence rolled off my tongue.  I touched my reflection. My pale eyes, my wet hair, my lips. I closed my eyes and thought of Ellis. How close he had been. That kiss. The feel of his hard cock pressed to my split and the feel of his heart banging against my chest. Part of me marveled that I’d been able to fend him off after wanting him for this amount of time.

I blew out a sigh that sounded shuttering and weak even to me and put my hair up in a towel. I tied my pale lavender kimono tight and opened the door. To Ellis Bach.

“Jesus Christ on a cracker you scared the shit out of me,” I yelled.

He flinched but laughed softly too. “I’m out of sausage. I came to see if you had some.”

I blinked, feeling stupid and flustered and buck naked despite the silk that barely covered me. “The store is closed,” I said dumbly.

He hooked his hand in the soft pale belt and tugged so I staggered forward a bit. “Maybe you have some. In your fridge or something.”

Great. First I had sex and dinner with a vampire. Now the wolf had shown up for a late night snack.

It wasn’t hard to let my mind trip back through earlier in the day on our walk. It was very easy to feel his skin and his breath on me. And now with his hand trapped in the belt of my robe and the invisible sparks of energy shooting off of him—that I could feel everywhere—I wanted him with an almost violent urgency

So I stepped back. He grinned and I studied the gingery brown stubble along his cheeks and jaw. His hair was the color of honey in the sun, dark and light and red at times. It was no particular color of hair and I wanted to push my fingers into it and feel the thick unruly waves under my fingers. He kept it much shorter than Ty’s but not too short and I imagined what it would be like to tug that hair while he went down on me.

My nipples pebbled under my clothes and my throat made a little gaspy noise before I could stifle it.

“I can smell how much you want me,” he whispered. “So don’t be embarrassed. I can smell it as surely as I could smell you in the shower all hot and slippery from the water. The water and the heat accents your natural smell. Like baking a chicken makes the house smell good.”

“Are you comparing me to poultry?”

“Maybe, innocent little bird. You have to be careful for wolves,” he chuckled. Ellis was fast and he pressed his pink lips to my lips. I went stiff and then kissed him back hungrily. I could worry about my nerves later. I held his huge shoulders and pressed myself to him, realizing that one man had just left and here I was kissing another.

But I felt no guilt. Why should I? This was what I wanted and it was okay. There was no one there to tell me that it wasn’t.

“You smell confused.”

“You need to stop smelling me.”

Ellis wrapped his hands around my waist and tugged me in. He buried his face to the place where my neck met my shoulder and inhaled deeply. It made me tingle and I shivered against him, feeling his hot breath on my cooling skin. “But you smell so good,” Ellis said, his mouth pressed to my skin as he spoke.

I relaxed into his embrace, taking in his scent now. Feeling the intense heat that radiated off of him and warmed the front of my kimono. “God you’re hot.”

“Thanks. You’re pretty sexy yourself.”

I snorted. “I mean heat, heat. Like hot to touch.”

“Metabolism thing. We burn hotter and faster than most. Unlike your chilly friend.”

I pressed my hand to his hard chest, feeling his heart galloping under my palm. He was excited.  The heat that warmed my fingers was intense. Like touching a wood burning stove. I wondered what that would feel like naked flesh pressed to naked flesh.

“I could show you, ” he said, cocking an eyebrow.


“I could show you what you were just wondering. All you have to do is take off that silly little bit of silk and I can show you how hot I feel against you.”

“How did you…are you…”

“Psychic? No, little bird. But I am good at reading expressions and yours had dirty written all over it.”

Heat flooded my cheeks and I pushed past him. “Let me check on that sausage.”

“Oh you leave me open for a good sausage double entendre,” Ellis growled.

“And hopefully you won’t take it since you’re not oh…fourteen.”

“Come on, Ruby. All males are fourteen at heart.”


Blurb for BIG BAD by Sommer Marsden


Lust according to Ruby:

You read those books where they explain it all away. They make it fine with rationalization. But what if I just want to? What if that’s my whole reason? My life is not a romance novel. I don’t need justification. I’m a grown woman who knows what she wants.

I want Ellis. And I want Tyler.

And I won’t apologize…

What’s worse than wanting both your best friend who’s a vampire and the just-back-in-town alpha werewolf you find yourself fixated on? Finding out that the werewolf in question wants you, too. But he isn’t too keen on the sharing part. Oh, and by the way, you’re his dead mate.

Okay, okay, dead is harsh—reincarnated.

What’s worse than that? Realizing that you believe the whole crazy tale of reincarnation.

Because it seems to be true.

And yet you still want them both—together. Vampire and werewolf and you in the middle. Stuck between two predators who want you and only you. To complicate it all, you find out that you can have it. With your new/old mate’s blessing. But just one time before he claims you as his.

Are you brave enough to take it? That one shot?

Well…Are you?


Warnings: This title contains graphic sex and language, spanking, m/f/m sex, multiple