ok, so it’s not Sunday, but I tell ya, finding a groove feels GOOD! Since diving back into my f/f/f scifi piece last Friday I’ve added 6700 words.  Most of that has been at a rate of 2K a day(I didn’t write but thirty or so words yesterday).  It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to write at that kind of rate and, not to repeat myself, but goddamn it feels good.

I’m going to jump back into the fray here momentarily…there’s more that wants to come out today.  I’m not going to set myself goals at this point(every time I do I fall miserably short of them) but I’m hopeful for some major output tomorrow on top of this week’s banner productivity.

Oh…would you like a peek?  Here ya go…

Over and over I devoured the woman’s mouth, giving her the play of teeth, lip and tongue that had left me swaying. She reacted to it, drinking every touch in, savoring it, demanding more. Her thirst for her lover was great and I was the vessel to deliver it to her. The memory playing through my mind drove my hands to pull her hips closer and slide caresses up her spine and down. The sounds she fed into my mouth stirred the growl deep inside me and I held fast to it, keeping it from tainting their message.

At the last I pulled back, reluctant, pressing soft kisses to Zeiţă’s lips in apology. I sat back on my heels and looked up at her, watching her as she pulled herself back together. When her eyes open, the sight of them gone dark with passion sent a hot flutter through me. “I love you,” Bas’s words, my voice. “He does not. That will be enough to see us to happiness.” Zeiţă’s eyes teared up and I reached up to capture the one that tipped over.

That was my touch. I couldn’t help it.


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