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#Default :: #WankWednesday

The following was written in response to Ruby Kiddell’s WankWednesday writing challenge.  Do stop by her place and check out the rest of the offerings!


“You’re in default,” she said, leaning against my desk.  Was today the day?  I wracked my memory, trying to recall how many days had passed since I made that brave, stupid promise.  Too many, a little voice prodded.

I swallowed and ignored the color that flushed my cheeks in response.  “Am I?” My cunt went slick at my own prevarication.  Her fingers snatched a handful of my hair and tilted my head back sharply.  My clit began to throb, a dull, ominous drumming on the ladder of my nerves.

“You know you are,” she growled.  I licked my lips, ignoring the peaking of my nipples as her cold, blue gaze tracked the movement.  “What am I going to do with you,” she said, her voice as chill as the morning outside.  Her grip tightened and I found myself sliding from my office chair in an attempt to ease the pain.  “That’s better,” she murmured when I knelt before her.

My mouth watered when her free hand tugged up her skirt.  I remembered her threat.  I’ll just take it out in trade. My stomach lurched, my teeth ached with want.

I mewled when her fingers slid into her panties.  My eyes tracked every motion, every twitch, ever glide of that thin silk over her knuckles.  Laura leaned against my desk, spread her thighs.  Her hand held my head immobile, forcing me to watch her stroke and circle.  I could hear the slick wetness.

I could smell her.  Oh god could I smell her.  My body flushed with hunger when the tiniest moan trickled from her lips. Minute by minute passed, each one slithering desire down my thighs to soak my stockings.

Then she was coming.  Laura’s fingers pressed hard and fast over her clit and her grip in my hair mimicked, I thought, the clenching of her slick, sweet smelling cunt.

The two bright spots on her cheeks faded as she freed my head and tugged her skirt back down.  I trembled.  I wanted.  She looked at me for a long moment, bent and caught my chin with the point of one finger.  “Don’t disappoint me again, Sylvia,” she whispered.  “The rewards are much greater than the punishments.”

And she walked out,leaving me on my knees in my office, slick, wanting and in a daze.


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