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Hello my dears…

Hi there.

I know…strange, isn’t it?  I don’t normally address my readers directly, at least not outside the medium of Twitter!

But I thought I’d let ya’ll know what’s up in Dreamer’s world.

I’m shaking up life a bit, getting ready to move and start fresh.  While this is a very good thing, it’s also devouring my time.  So. . .that’s why I’m sitting down and writing this post.

I’m doing my best to tackle Ruby Kiddell’s WankWednesday challenges and my own FuckMeFriday and WeekendWriter ones with varying success.  I’m sure my lack of new material is obvious.

So, bear with me, my readers, while I pack my life up and relocate.  It’s my hope to dive back into writing with gusto come July.  In the meantime, check out the archives, visit Republica Press, say Hi on Twitter. . . you know . . . do stuff ;).


~ Ais

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