You’d think it’d be easier!

One of my exes once told me that there was nothing like the feeling of walking into a girl’s bedroom for the first time.  Well, I beg to differ with that on more than one level, but this morning I hit send on a submission.

And the feeling in my stomach was like making that first move and waiting for the response.  That falling, spinning, where’s-the-fucking-ground sensation.

So now I’ve got to keep this momentum going.  My wip’s coming along nicely and today is going to be devoted to writing, I think.  Though at some point I do need to do laundry and clean up around here, as my sister and BIL are coming to visit tomorrow ;)  Nothing gets me cleaning faster then….well, company!!

Sommer Marsden asked about works having soundtracks today….I’m going to be working on two pieces today, and these are the songs…


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