100 Word Flashers, Erotica

#Yes ~ #WordDiscipline #100words

Time for a little wordplay, I think. The #Worddiscipline hashtag is from my session at EroticonUSA about short form fiction. One tweet, one sentence, 100 words; chose the framework and write away.


“Don’t move.”

Cerin’s heartbeat took flight, a hummingbird hovering in constant motion. “Don’t speak.” The words delivered stirred the hairs of her nape, the voice awoke a deeper flutter.

“You’re going to wait for everyone to leave.” Moisture emerged from Cerin’s skin; sweat, desire. The gathering broke into pieces that drifted out the door. “That table is just right…”

The whisper chased tiny pinpricky feet down her spine. “Shhh.” Cerin swallowed the desperate sound and pressed into her chair, wishing those word-rich lips would touch her flesh.

“Today I want your ‘Yes’.” She whimpered. “Now…shall we begin?”



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