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#WankWednesday :: #Clear

The following is written in answer to Ruby Kiddell‘s #WankWednesday twitter challenge.  Do visit her and check out the rest of the offerings!

Not so sexy this week….rather sappy, actually…but it’s what came out ;)

Down the hall, around a corner, against the wall.  Her hands pulled at my blouse, mine at her waistband.  “Seven minutes,” she gasped into my mouth and I nodded.  Our mouths clashed and fought for control, our fingers sliding into slicked folds.

Here, with six minutes ticking away.  We pressed inside, surrendering the power play for the wanton pursuit of pleasure.  The wets sounds of fingers in cunts and a kiss that spoke volumes.

Five minutes; I pinned my thumb to her clit and she groaned into my mouth before mirroring me.

Four minutes and we fucked harder, pressed tight together in the shadows back by the supply closet.

“Three,” I gasped and her fingers tightened on my shoulder.

“How do you-” her words cut off when I thrust deep, pinching her clit along side my thumb.  Her muscles fluttered around me and she came with a swallowed gasp, her own fingers curling reflexively inside me, tipping me over into the hot wave of my own orgasm.  We clung to each other, lips meeting in a soft kiss.

“I always know what time it is,” I whispered.

A cough jerked my head around and I pinned Diane’s administrative assistant with a glare.  “Miss Snyder’s client is early,” she whispered, her cheeks aflame.  She turned and fled before either of us could respond and I quirked a brow at my lover.

“Well.  Wouldn’t be the first time we’ve acknowledged our surroundings after a cough or clear of the throat,” Diane quipped, tugging her clothing back into order.  “How do I look?”

I let my gaze drag over her with lazy appreciation, enjoying the flush to her cheeks and brightness of her eyes.  “Like you’ve been fucked, my dear,” I answered, grinning.  “You might want to step into the ladies’ room first.”

She slapped my arm playfully, pressed a quick kiss to my mouth and stepped around me.  I leaned against the corner and watched her walk, enjoying the sway of her hips and the languid sense of wellbeing suffusing my body.

“I suppose I can make it through the rest of the day,” I murmured to myself, following in her wake, sliding my fingers together with a grin curving my lips.


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