Rainy Mondays…

By the time I finish this post it won’t be morning here anymore, but it will be somewhere…so…Morning! ;)

Sorry for the silence of late.  I’ve been moving and that’s been taking up quite a bit of my energy and time.  I’m just over a week in my new apartment now and today I’m tackling the last of the rooms that needs tending to.  My office.  For someone one that generally would be described as something of a clutterbug and a bit of a packrat, it amuses me that over the past two moves I’ve been completely incapable of writing until I’m unpacked and done.

Thankfully, this move is undoing faster than the last and instead of taking two months to get settled I hope to be ready to get back into some sort of groove tomorrow morning.  The picture at the top is of my balcony…that’s the view looking out the door from my living room, but my office window will look out on that, so I can’t wait to see how that looks from in there :)  Right now I can’t get close enough to the window to really tell (O_O).

This is the view from my couch…a bit awesome, isn’t it?  I have the feeling I might have to bring the laptop out and write there every now and again, especially when the sunsets are particularly spectacular…cause, really…they are just fantastic :)  I’m going to pick up my My365 project again here soon, so stay tuned for that.  The new place has revitalized me…of course, the fact that I can get a good night’s sleep again might have a little bit to do with that!

So…lastly, my sister shared a blog post with me this morning that led to another.  They both are really interesting and I just thought I would share.  They both are about living life to the fullest and they really hit the spot for me today.

I’m off to to a test batch of gluten-free, almost dairy-free* buttermilk biscuits.  Then it’s on to the office.  Wish me luck.

*I’ve discovered that in addition to having a sensitivity to wheat protein I’m also sensitive to cassein, the protein in cow’s milk.  So my “buttermilk” biscuits will be made with King Arthur Flour’s All-Purpose GF flour and soured almond milk but I’ll still be using butter.  Phew.  I tell ya.  

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