It’s a quiet sort of day

What happens on the day after a 2.5 mile walk and a night out with the girls that finds you crawling into bed at 2am?  This.

Yep.  Nothing.  It’s raining and dreary outside and both the boy and I are just tired.  He’s had just enough energy to frolic manically in ten minute spurts then collapse.  You see, I woke Tater when I got home for a potty break in hopes that I could sleep in this morning.

Well.  I didn’t.  Not his fault, just my rather overactive biorhythms deciding that 8am was time to wake up.  *yawn*

So, I’m tired and pretty much taking the day off.  I’m not focusing on much of anything, just kind of in a daze, and I suck at naps.

Happy Sunday, folks.  It’s the day of rest for some and definitely for me.  The balance of the day holds nothing more than dinner, maybe a movie, and definitely a bath.




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