Happy Sunday, Father’s Day, and the Weekend Writer is back!

Call me the crazy cat lady, but isn’t she pretty?

Are we having a good weekend?  The puttytat and I lazed in bed for a while this morning but I’m definitely up and moving.  Happy Father’s day to those celebrating!

I’m a bit late posting this, considering the prompt went live Friday morning, but my creative prompt, the Weekend Writer, is back!  I blogged earlier this week about getting myself back into the swing of things and this is one of my methods(to my madness).

So my mojo priming schedule looks something like this:

MondaySix Minute Story – I like this because you can’t take more than six minutes out of your day to do it.  Literally.  Though they’ll let you pick your prompt I like going the route of “Write now”…that way I can’t sit here pondering a story, crafting it in my head before the text box comes up or anything.  It’s six minutes from the moment I see the prompt until the time is up.  And that’s it.

WednesdayThree Word Wednesday – Though there’s no more structure to this one than the three words, I’ve imposed my own limit of ten minutes.  My intention with these prompts is to get things flowing, not get lost in them.  If I can’t get to the prompt on Wednesdays(like this week) I’m shooting for Thursdays at the latest.

Weekend – #WeekendWriter – Another open prompt(mine) that I’m imposing a limit on, for this one I’m shooting for fifteen minutes.  Because the prompts(there are four different versions) are a little more complicated I may find I need to allow myself a bit more time, but we’ll see!

So.  There you have it! In addition to the prompts to get my writing going I’ve realized that I need to get back to reading.  I started reading Gillian Flynn‘s Gone Girl this weekend.  Firstly, I’m blown away by the writing.  I first read Gillian Flynn four years ago(I think) when I stumbled upon Sharp Objects at the library.  That book had hooks in me so deep I took it with me everywhere and read it in every spare moment I could find.  Dark, disturbing, unpredictable; it’s everything a drama should be.  Somehow I forgot to keep an eye out for her next book and missed Dark Places, but I will certainly be getting that one to read soon.   And, seriously – read this – http://gillian-flynn.com/for-readers/.  It’s a fantastic glimpse into the head of the author as she talks about her first novel, the one that hooked me to begin with and had me buying Gone Girl in hardback(instead of downloading it to my Kindle) without a second thought. And that difference, I think, shall be a blog post for another day.

Thankfully Sommer Marsden nudged me on Twitter and reminded me of this amazing author and I’m loving getting lost in this story.  Good books are like tapping into a deep, cold, underground river.  Suddenly more words are in my head and my own characters are clamoring to get more of their story out through my fingers.  So, even though the chapter I just finished left me on one hell of a cliff-hanger, I’ve tucked my bookmark snug against the spine and left the hardback on the couch.  I’ve The Last Feather loaded in Scrivener and every intention of spending a few hours at my desk before I reward myself with finding out just who is at the door.  After I tackle my own #WeekendWriter prompt, that is.

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