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Erotica ~ Twelve Feet of Glass

Another one I found in my archive. Inspired by a stay in a hotel that overlooked the fountains of the Bellagio. The balcony railing was 12 feet of glass, as was the wall of the hotel room. It just begged for something kinky!

The pleasure rolled.  It was thunder over open water, drum beats swelling and throbbing through a humid night’s air, a lion’s roar claiming all in earshot.

Jamie rode the swells, caught between bliss and dread.  Something cold and sleeping began to slither in the heat as her lover drove himself deeper, spending himself inside her.  It was perfect.  He injected himself into her, a hot rush that sprang up her spine like heroine into a vein, drawing taut the thing inside that wanted him and loathed herself in turn.

Then it broke.

She never understood how he could both pull her onto and into him and push her away at the same time.  But he did.  This was as close as she got to him.  This was as close as he let her.

Then he cast her away.

She twisted, landing on her knees beside the bed.  With a sigh she watched him turn, presenting her with the pale expanse of his back.  The rush of him in her blood flushed her cheeks with awareness and shame.

With his seed trickling down her inner thigh Jamie gathered her jeans from the floor, her intimates from the foot of the bed, her blouse from the beat-up rocking chair by the door.  She moved with all the care one might use to avoid disturbing some large beast.  Her teeth pulled at her lip, her stomach roiled with that heat-sucking snake.  When her eyes lasted on him one moment too long, he glanced back, dark eyes gone darker.

She swallowed and slipped out the door, fleeing that shuttered gaze, leaving before he could verbalize the rejection.  

* * * * *

Morning revealed the shadows of his use.  Smudges marked her wrists, hips, breasts, throat.  A perfect crescent of impressions revealed where he’d pressed his teeth into her shoulder.  Jamie shuddered, remembering the simultaneous press of his cock into her.  She dressed with care, mindful of sleeves, neckline and wrapping a light scarf around her neck.  It would not do to face unwanted inquiries.

She always wondered if it was his choice to fuck her on nights before she was scheduled into the office.  Jamie shifted in her chair, awareness of her tender thighs and cunt making sitting both a delicate, and wet, prospect.  Wrapping her hands around her coffee mug she couldn’t resist the temptation to compare the penetrative heat to the way Cody’s body warmed her own.  She shook herself out of her reverie and returned her attention to her work.

Lines of text marched across her screen, black on white, inverted cocaine.  A wry laugh pushed itself out at the analogy.  Writing was her first addiction.  The day passed, intermittent patches of slow motion and high speed blur.  She waved off an invite out for drinks as she packed up her things.  

“I know my own flaws all too well,” she said, her voice low, drawing her thumb up the corner of her current manuscript.  Of course she knew her flaws.  She wrote them day in and day out in excruciating detail.  

“And what are those?”  Her editor’s voice inquired.  Jamie’s heart lurched.  She tossed a mock glare at the woman who quirked a knowing smile.  “Never mind, I know them, don’t I?”  

Jamie exhaled a resigned sigh and nodded.

They walked out together, heels clicking out of sync before falling into time.  Jamie hit the naked button that had once born an L for the lobby.

“Dinner?” The snake in her stomach twisted as Jamie watched the floor numbers illuminate their fall to earth.  She swallowed and traced her bottom lip with her tongue before answering the question that was nothing of the sort.  “Yes.”

* * * * *

Claudia’s apartment looked out over the highway with its ceaseless river of traffic.  Jamie looked down at it, amazed, as always, at the sheer volume of the populace streaming away from the bright lights of the Las Vegas strip.  Her editor moved around the apartment behind her, each sound reminding Jamie she had one more drug in her cocktail; Claudia.

“Shall we order in or should I see what I can concoct?”  Claudia’s hand delivered a highball  glowing with liquor the color of honey.  Jamie leaned against the window, the pane warm against her spine.  It was an odd contrast, hot glass versus the chill of air conditioning.  Lifting a shoulder in a shrug she tilted the alcohol back over her tongue, shuddering as it burned a path down her throat. 

“Tequila, ‘Dia?” Jamie raised a brow and set it aside.  “Need me to be easy tonight?” 

Claudia, her editor all the time, lover whenever she chose, pressed her lips into a thin line  as she tugged the scarf away from Jamie’s neck.  Her bared throat convulsed as she swallowed.  “Implying you’re not always easy for me, Jay?”  There was a growl in Claudia’s voice that lifted the hairs on Jamie’s arms.  She waited for the kiss, the bite, the tight grip of fingers.

Claudia stared at the marks on her neck.  “Show me your wrists.”  The shadows there earned another sound, one that tore between disapproval and arousal.  

Jamie held her breath while her blood rushed to her cunt, leaving her dizzy.  Claudia was as likely to go ice cold as pin her against the window.  Jamie teetered on the high wire; this woman could dash her, and her books, from the heights with ease.  When a finger touched her chin, tilting her mouth up, her lips parted in wanton expectation.  

The taller woman leaned in, drawing so close her breath twined with Jamie’s.  “No,” she whispered.  “Not tonight.”  Jamie’s gut contracted sharply, forcing a soundless breath from her.  

* * * * *

Jamie attended cocktail parties as research.  There she could dip in and out of conversations and observe human behavior in a condensed and mostly harmless environ.  That night she watched images flick across the back wall of the elevator as young men exhibited their pack mentality.  They rumbled with aggression, eyes slanting her way as they nudged one another and eyed her body.  She escaped their hot, heavy gazes at last on the thirtieth leaving them to climb still farther.  Jamie had no desire to be their prey that night.

Laughter spilled into the hallway as the hotel room door swung in.  She checked her slim purse, her dress, and her hair in the mirror before following a complete stranger further in.  He introduced her.  She nodded, eyes flicking, notating more details than they could know.  When the tall, somewhat gawky Jacob apologized that he’d have to find her a chair and begged her patience she smiled and touched the back of his hand.  A woman across the room flashed a possessive glare at her and Jamie blinked.  A collar and leash for those two, she thought to herself.

“You’re expected on the balcony.”  Jacob’s voice ran riot with curiosity and apology even as he settled cross-legged on the floor.  The glaring woman turned her gaze on her boy toy and Jamie exhaled.

With a glass of wine in hand she slipped through the gap in the curtains and let the dark of night devour her. 

“Jay.”  The nickname drifted from the dark corner on a voice heavy with intent.  Jamie strove to pierce the shadow, drifting towards the corner where someone sat, tip of a cigarette glowing in long pulses.  “Come here.”

It seemed research would be far out of reach; at least that outside of her own tangled desires.

A breeze curled around the building, carrying with it the heated smell of the day’s departure; hot concrete, searing pavement, the endless miasma of humanity. 

When a hand closed on the back of her neck Jamie didn’t cry out or even jump.  She was bent over and her dress hiked up over her hips in one smooth motion.  The cool top of a glass table pressed into her belly, sliding between her shirt hem and skirt, an anonymous, texture-less palm above the heat of her cunt.  Lights flared from beyond the glass front wall of the balcony, soft explosions of sound reaching up into the endless sky.  The fan of light cast Claudia’s face in a soft blue, then green, then white.  Her eyes glittered, earth-bound stars burning into Jamie’s, holding her captive.

Jamie didn’t need to see who held her.  She knew with a familiarity all too truly born of contempt that it was Cody’s hands that shoved her skirt up, pulled her sodden panties down and gripped her hips.  When he paused, the heft of his cock nestled into the crease of her ass her breath hitched.

“Ask for it.”  Claudia’s voice curled around and under and into Jamie, penetrating her well before her husband’s cock ever would. 

Jamie’s chest caught, constricting her breath in the endless coils of the serpent Claudia and her husband had seeded deep inside her psyche.  A game to them, she lived as their toy, their pet, their pawn.

She stared at the tiny beads of reflection in Claudia’s gaze.  Stared and wondered if tonight she would stop it all, call the checkmate and topple king and queen.

“Please.”  The word escaped.  In its wake her tongue clove to the roof of her mouth and her hips rocked into Cody’s grip as it tightened, lighting the nerves under his fingers with fractious pain. 

“Do it.”  Claudia’s permission arrived as the finale of the show beneath their high perch filled the air with a whoosh of sound.  Cody’s cock drove into Jamie’s cunt, forcing thought and breath and a sound of helpless desire from her lips.  He fucked her with the relentless fury of a man denied, the slap of his hips against her ass drawing the attention of those inside.  Jamie’s cheeks flushed with awareness and arousal and desperation.  She cried out when he changed his angle, somehow driving up from under her and she knew, as always, he fulfilled his wife’s wishes.

She would see Jamie come on her husband’s cock before allowing what she craved. 

Someone shifted a curtain, baring their tableau still further to those sipping their cocktails.  Jamie wondered idly if anyone in the tall, gleaming buildings around them watched through binoculars but the thought scattered when Cody twisted his fist into her hair.  “Show her.”  His snarl held equal parts anger and the insistent passion she could feel throbbing inside her.  He was close.

Jamie tilted, offering herself to him in that way that drove him to the edge.  The light inside reached out still further as someone stirred, finally revealing to Jamie a slice of Claudia’s expression.  

She clenched around Cody in reaction.  His wife’s lips parted, her tongue sliding along her lower lip.  Her chest rose and fell, her pale cheek showed the beginning of a dark flush.  And Jamie knew beyond doubt that tonight of all nights she would be allowed the rare intimacy of tasting the other woman.

Cody’s final thrust lifted Jamie onto her toes.  She cried out, not at the suffusion of heat deep inside her but from the almost gentle, tender smile that curled Claudia’s lips.  Her cunt clenched in time to a deep bass rumble far below and she shuddered in the arrival of ecstasy, trapped between Cody’s fist and cock.

Jamie gulped dry desert air into her lungs, her gaze still fixed on Claudia.  Cody slipped from her, spilling a slide of wet heat down her thighs.  “Come here,” the other woman whispered, leaning forward, holding her, still, with that softened gaze.

Cody led her to his wife.  Jamie watched them kiss, some part of her mind recording the give and take of control. Claudia’s fingers curled into Jamie’s hair, tugging her between her thighs as their mouths parted. This was the part where words faded away.  

Jamie’s hands slid up and under Claudia’s skirt.  Her fingers painted slow lines along the laced edge of her editor’s stockings before following them up to the garter belt she knew always matched.  Claudia’s legs stiffened, withholding the flesh Jamie craved to delve.  “Please,” she whispered, this sound different and desperate as she slid her cheek along the inside of one knee.  

The fingers in her hair twitched, tugging at individual hairs until it seem each one pulled at the corners of her eyes.  One tear welled, spilling over and down.  Claudia caught it, licked it from her fingertip with a hum and shifted, spreading herself.  “Please me,” Claudia said, command running hard and hot through her voice.  

The cold, coiled snake of fear settled back into the shadow of Jamie’s spine.  She leaned forward, parting the plump, slick lips of Claudia’s cunt with her tongue, gathering the wetness there with a groan.  

She moaned, the first true sound of desire she had allowed herself.  Claudia’s thighs flexed, offering then retracting the tender folds and tiny nugget of nerves Jamie craved.  She knew they were still watched.  

She didn’t care.  

The aggregate of the concrete patio tore into her knees.  The weight of Claudia’s hands anchored Jamie, reminding her who held the power between them.  Jamie would kneel there as long as the other woman would allow her, as long as she wanted her there.  Jamie accepted that balance.  She didn’t seek nor push nor summon.  Jamie quite simply supped; licking, sucking and drinking with a luxury usually denied her. 

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