An Escape ~ Dverse challenge

Coincidences are always interesting. I’m about five weeks into my path along The Artist’s Way, in terms of the course I’m just completing week three. Instead of abandoning my progress I’ve allowed myself to take more than a week when necessary. This means I’ve only just been reading about synchronicity and I’m heading into week four where I’ll be undertaking a week of reading(distraction) deprivation and digging into my memories.
So I’m reading all of that, and synchronicity brings me this week’s Dverse Poets prompt. Synchronicity, anyone?
So, here goes.

An Escape

Summer sun-warmed breeze
whispering leaves sweet with winter’s
treat that’ll soon drizzle o’er fluffy stacks.
My perch high sought and higher found, above
the ragged bedroom screen
beyond reach of any unwinged pursuit.

Silvery branches cradle me with soft groans, sighs,
A gentle rocking, a world tinted green.

One caterpillar for company, teddy bear fuzzy, black around chocolate,
A portend of winter’s promise of snowmen and forts, downhill
sled races and snowflake kisses.

Stolen time, outside the reach of a clock as
Mom’s voice reaches over wires leading from
House along roads to a friend not far off.

5 thoughts on “An Escape ~ Dverse challenge

  1. I do love synchronicity. I agree with you…take the time you need for each step in the Artist’s Way. I’ve been working her 2nd book since Christmas and am only on chapter two. Lovely images in your poem.

  2. one caterpilar for company…smiles…i love that…having spent some time with a catepilar myself…i agree with synchro as well….i pulled out the second book to work through again around christmas as well….

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