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Poetry ~ Pierced and Bound

Inhale and exhale

pierced between breaths, steel tasting

blood, forging through flesh.

Nerve endings tingle,

dancing on endorphin’s high

part my skin again.

Kiss and bite of pain

gasp between, shiver. Molten

hot submission.

“Shh, lie still, don’t move,”

hot breath on my ear, surfing

pain’s wave, arousal.

Losing count, floating

time marked with steel’s sharp puncture

each edging closer.

“Two more,” a whisper

brush of lips on my hot brow

turning inside out.

Marked, pierced, seared and lost

hot blooms of flesh, cold slither

of ribbon lacing.

Flesh pierced and silk bound

touch of finger releasing

pain-tinged pleasure’s moan.

Crimson surrender

and opalescent pleasure

submission complete.

3 thoughts on “Poetry ~ Pierced and Bound

  1. Wow… when you said you found the perfect pic you weren’t kidding, it’s beautiful as are your words. For the subject matter, the discussion that were taking place… they are perfect…

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