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A Simple Kiss ~ #DailyPractice

Hello, world. Well, my move is complete and I’m actively freeing up mental space to get back to writing. I’m sleeping, I’m reading, I’m filling my mind up with sights and sounds and tastes and sensations. So back to the daily practice I go. I’m not really sure where this one is going, but I’m going to write until the words stop, then just post it. Because, as the title says, it’s just a daily practice.

“You have to taste this.”

Liz drew circles and figure eights in the condensation on the beat up bar top with one finger. She sighed, dragging her thumb along her lower lip. Left, right, left, right.

“Hey. Earth to Liz.” A hand waved in front of her face and snapped. “Liz!” She blinked and looked up. Sarah leaned on the other side of the bar, swirling a highball, making the ice rattle. “Where the fuck were you?”

Heat rushed up Liz’s neck and the tips of her ears felt like they glowed. “Shit, I’m sorry. What’d you say?”

“I said, where were you?” Sarah slid the highball across the counter. “And taste this. You promised feedback on my new cocktail menu, remember?”

Liz accepted the glass. “Ok. I was..shit. I was just thinking…remembering. I’m sorry, I’m here.” She swirled the highball and held it up to the light. “So what am I drinking here?” Liz tilted the glass. “Muddled cherry, sugared rim, rosemary, and…hmm…golden rum? Which one did you use?”

“Damn, Liz. Take all the mystery out of it!” Sarah laughed and tapped the glass. “Yes. Rosemary, cherry, sugared rim, golden rum, and a couple of other magical things. Just take a sip already, wouldja? Unlike you, ya damned cocktail nerd, the rest of my clientele just wants it to taste delicious. They aren’t going to ask for the recipe.” Liz flipped off her friend and lifted the glass in a silent toast.

Liz took a sip and closed her eyes. “Oh…” she breathed out after a moment. “Oh wow.” She lifted the glass again and let another measure of the drink tip between her lips. “Damn, Sarah. This one.” She shook her head and wrapped both hands around the glass when the bartender reached to take it. “Oh no. I’m finishing this one.” She grinned and lifted the glass in a toast again. “You’re a fucking artist with these, you know that?”

“Hmm. Thanks. I know they’re really good when you want to finish them.” Sarah winked and propped her hip against the beer cooler. “So. C’mon, girl. Spill it. Which one of your crushes has your knickers in a knot, huh?”

Liz groaned and threw her head back. “Fuck.” She drew the curse out into a groan.

“Yeah, yeah. Yes, it’s that obvious, no I won’t drop it, no I won’t let it go, yes, give me all the gory details. Did we cover all the objections?” Sarah filled a glass with seltzer and sipped.

Liz sighed. “Just about.” She took another sip, savoring the complicated play of flavors and the burn of alcohol.

“So. Which one’s got you in this state of distraction? And what did she do to you?” Liz sank her face into her hands.

“She kissed me. She kissed me, Liz, and I can still feel her lips.” Liz dropped her shoulders and pressed her forehead against the back of her hands.

“Liz, honey. Who?! And really? Just a kiss?”

“I don’t…I can’t.” Her inhale shuddered and she lifted her head, looking helplessly into her dearest friend’s eyes.

Sarah reached her hands across the bar and threaded their fingers together. “Oh, honey. This one got under your skin, hm?”

“Yeah. She really did. It’s been a week and…,” Liz groaned.

“Did she really only kiss you?”

“Mm. Yeah. Well. It was one hell of a kiss.”

…to be continued…

Hate to stop this here, but I’m committing to posting after each writing session. I hope to continue this next time! Don’t hate me ;)

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