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Winter is here

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*clears cobwebs, blows dust off keyboard, flexes stiff, unused fingers*



It’s been a while since I’ve posted regularly on my blog, something I definitely need to correct!

Old Man Winter has been a bit of a grouch this year, stomping his icy feet all the way down the Florida more than once. It’s been a cold one, relatively speaking, here in Atlanta this year. We had the whole SnowJam thing a couple of weeks ago that I very gratefully missed by staying home. There was enough snow on the ground to sled and build snowmen, which was fun :)

Life for me lately has been one of adjustments, compromise, and juggling commitments. I have a habit, unfortunately, of sacrificing my writing time first, which has left me rather unproductive on that front. I’ve  set myself a personal goal of solving that particular habit, and blogging is part of it. Hope y’all are up for some rambling posts in the future!

So this is what I’m working on :) I’ve two active projects that I’ve set goals for.

The first is the final edit of the novel that I developed out of my short story Courier. The first version of it was a novella around 15K words. After some excellent feedback and advice from an awesome editor I went back and dug into the meat of the story. It now sits at around 33K words and it may actually get a little longer as I do this final pass – I’m pondering adding a couple of scenes to the secondary storyline to up the tension a bit. Some time in the next couple of days I’ll post an excerpt for it…

My second project is The Last Feather. I’ve blogged  a few times about this project and  you’ll be seeing more as I get my feet under me again. I love this story. I really do. My main character, Brigid, visits my dreams on occasion, telling me the stories that make up her centuries-long life. This WIP is at 18K and I know there’s at least another 15K to add to it. I stalled last spring on this, feeling as if I was slogging through mud. I realized that I was approaching the timeline all wrong. So, after saving a backup of the previous version I’ve got a new Scrivener project going where I plan to weave two main timelines; the contemporary one where Brigid is approaching her final moment of crisis and the long view of Brigid’s life and how it has forged her into a brittle, haunted soul. I’ll be posting excerpts of that as I go, so look for those :)

So. For accountability….my conservative goal is to post here at least twice a week. My big goal is to post short updates every day that I work on my projects. Hopefully, that ends up being every day! I feel very much out of practice, though…so bear with me please :)

It’s time to walk the pups and refresh my coffee. Then….words!

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