Twitfic ~ #Sensitive

It’s been a while since I’ve written twitfic so I thought I’d flex my mental muscles tonight. I’m a little rusty. All feedback appreciated… Thank you to @dirtyscribbler for the prompt!


Black. It was black. India ink, soul-gobbling, lightless, endless black.

“Fuck me.”

Lorraine took three steps in all directions, returning to the masking tape X she had left on the floor of the house between each. Nothing deterred her. No couch, no chair, no table…

“You need to learn to say no…” The sensitive curled her feet against the tape. The adhesive hugged her baby toe. A chill swirled across her bared skin, tiny creeping fingers.


Flows of light outlined her feet, fleeting auroras. “Oh hell.” Whispers rose filling her ears with her name.  “This isn’t happen-.”


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