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Too Hot to . . .

This started flowing yesterday and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out considering how rusty I am. I was aiming for something between 250-500 words and this comes in right at 500 words; I’ll count that as a win!

It was one of those hot summer days where nothing cools you off. Water droplets sizzle on the grill cover with each retrieval of beverage from the chilly, icy depths of the cooler. Perspiration and condensation alike dapple every possible thing with moisture, salty and sweet. The air refuses to stir even the smallest of leaves and hair clutches temples, napes and collarbones in fine curlicues.

“It’s too hot to do anything.” Sheila’s voice emerges from beneath the wide, shadowy brim of her woven hat.

“Hmm.” Liz can’t drum up the energy for more of an answer as she watches yet another bead of sweat slide down the inside of Sheila’s smooth thigh.

“I can’t believe the power is out.” Sheila lifts her droplet covered can to her lips and the tilt of the can brings the column of her throat into view. Liz watches her swallow and her eyes lazily follows the drops from the can as they drop, one by one by one, into the vale between the other woman’s breasts.

“Hmm,” Liz repeats, her heat-besieged brain incapable of pulling her attention from the slick, sensual form of her friend and occasional lover.

“And I can’t believe you’re thinking of moving,” Sheila drawled as she returned her drink to the table between them, tilting her head just enough for a tawny eye to peak beneath the hat’s wide brim.

“I’m not moving one inch from this spot of shade.” Liz licked her lips and brought her own cold can to her mouth, enjoying each cold drop that landed on her skin.

“Is that right?” Sheila shifted in her lounger and swept her fan in a slow arc, stirring the air. The movement bared another few inches of thigh and deepened the shade between her breasts. Liz’s heart wanted to stutter. Instead she licked her lips again.

“Too hot to move.” She lifted the lid on the cooler and retrieved a piece of ice, lifting it to slide across her brow and behind her neck. Sheila’s other eye emerged from the shadow to watch, her lips parting.

“You’re a tease.” The other woman didn’t move, simply continued to watch the ice melt as Liz slide it along her collarbone.

“Being a tease implies I wouldn’t follow through, but you know, it’s…”

“Yeah, I know. It’s too hot to touch.” Sheila retrieved her own piece of ice and tipped her hat back. “Not too hot to think though,” she sucked at the sliver of ice and Liz felt a jolt.

Some small, cautious voice thought she should look around to see just how sheltered they were, if the road could be seen from their shady spot, if the neighbors were home. The rest of her was hot, and frustrated, and wanted Sheila very, very badly.

“Whatcha have in mind?” Liz reached for another piece of ice and slid a little further down in her lounger. Maybe by the time they took the edge off the power would be back on…

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