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I definitely will be sharing more tidbits about the upcoming November release from Cleis Press of the anthology Morning, Noon, and Night.  Alison Tyler has put together a hot collection of erotica about things that go bump, and grind, every hour of the day.  I’m honored to be pressed between the pages with such talented writers as Ashley Lister, Kristina Lloyd, Sommer Marsden, and…well, just check out the table of contents!

In being a part of this anthology I also get to linger and enjoy the delicious stories, so when AT asked if I was interested in reviewing one of the stories I happily paged through and selected Sophia Valenti‘s 2 a.m. Date Night.

Now, I have to admit, two things made me stop on a dime and give change with this one.  First, I like date nights.  I’ve been known to write histories and plots for ones I’ve taken, so the title definitely caught my eye.  When I turned to the story, however, I was oh so pleasantly pleased.  Sophia treats you to a delicious, sexy, kinky encounter between husband and wife.  I don’t want to give too much away, but I definitely shared the reaction of her character, Celia, to the removal of her husband’s leather belt.

Date Night is one of those stories that is just long enough and with just enough tooth to grab you by the nipples and twist.  It’s always delightful, as a writer, when as I reader I can let go of the critical side of my mind.  It requires a little power play, a little submission, and a lot of sexy.  Without a doubt I found that more than once in Morning, Noon, and Night and definitely in this story.

I do hope you’ll be pre-ordering the anthology, it’s up at Amazon now.

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