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Prose :: Wild

…sometimes I just wait for @eroticnotebook to point out the fun stuff…and she’s done that today…

the following is written in response to @porridgebrain‘s Writing Workshop prompt…I chose I was, I am, I will be…

I generally write about sex…but this one doesn’t quite reach my normal filth quotient..

*   *   *

I remember I was something you couldn’t understand.  Free and wild with what you always called a crazy glint in my eye.  Still I pulled you from your comfortable seat watching the world slide by to dance in the crashing waves.

Our first kiss landed soft as receding foam, a drop of want left behind to creep into the cracks of your composure as you ran away, terrified by my reckless abandon.

You tell me I am still a mystery you can’t fathom as I peel you down to your basest existence.  Between kisses I distract you from my removal of your armor; shoes, wardrobe and makeup pared away.  Finally you stand beneath the rain of a languid summer night, pale skin glowing.  For a moment, you see, feel, exist only in this perfect, blissful moment.  Our second kiss spins your thoughts and I laugh with the glory of it.

It slips through your fingers, water through a sieve, when you try to grasp it.

I will always be just beyond your fingertips’ reach so long as you try to hold me.  Quicksilver and gone, returning, mist dancing around your wrists, your ankles, a wind’s kiss against your cheek.  My embrace will fold you up when you turn away, yielding in your surrender, captive to sensation, still wild as I’ve ever been.

I was trapped, I am alive, I will always be free.

One thought on “Prose :: Wild

  1. Beautiful as ever ma cherie. Love the phrase “quicksilver and gone”.
    it might not have a high filth quotient but I can read it between the lines.

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