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Poetry ~ Stolen Day ~ An Erotic Senryu Set

es…Monocle and I went at it again, Tuesday, filling the Twitter timeline with a hot stream of sexy, seductive senryus.  Mine are in red, his in white…we hope you enjoy…
Stolen Day 

Dewdrops glistening ♥ You left them there to catch sun  between parted thighs. 

You lying open ♦ that small half-smile on your lips ♦ it pulls me right back

Wrapped in warm sunlight  gripped in hotter flesh, held deep  coming deeper still.

Immersed in warm pools ♦ sunlight and your sweet body ♦ I should never leave.

Our private ‘sun’ day  playing hookey, blocking calls  “please keep doing that…”

Day of stolen time ♦ wallow, revel in your sex ♦ make you come again

Find that tender spot  the one that makes you shout and  hold my head so tight.

Shudders, control lost ♦ closed eyes toward sun, seeing red ♦ taste me on your tongue

My sinful craving  to see iridescent arcs  my primal rainbows. 

I descend to you ♦ tongue a spark between your legs ♦ shocking tender nerves

sex architecture  arches of spine, foot and neck  perfect construction. 

Built to be torn down ♦ the dust of crashing climax ♦ coats sweat-drenched bodies

Late afternoon slant  of sunbeams over our flesh  illuminating

Reddening light ♦ over blushed, soaked, used skin ♦ tangling yet again

Languid, now, gentle ♥ enveloping, embracing ♥ tantalization

Sliding by and on ♦ and over and in and through ♦ slow glow as sun sets  

My skin translucent ♥ or your seed? Captive of lust ♥ or, rather, of you.

Last embers of light ♦ fall on our limbs intertwined ♦ joined even in dreams 


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