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Poetry ~ Dream Captured ~ A Senryu Exchange

Following is another senryu dance between myself and Raziel Moore(@_Monocle on Twitter).  This is actually from Monday, but we thought we’d stagger the posting of them.  My words are in red, his in white.

Dream Captured

I am as I ever was • and always will be. A dream. • unattainable.

Over my bed • woven from heart’s desire • a dreamcatcher

A whisper of thought • captured just shy of escape • Holding me tight, fast.

Capture Dream guided • through dangling feathers to me • I smile in my sleep.

Whisper? No, just thought • teasing imagination • Am I really there?

Always the question • because I truly wonder • who is dreaming who.

Can a dream dream? Please • I want to be real, touch, taste • Maybe I’m a ghost?

If I’m the dreamer • can I make my dream come real • through sheer force of want?

Is desire enough? • Will there be more than a dream? • Will you be true, still?

Only one way to know. • Leave your whisper world for mine,  • come to me, my dream.

I am collared here • my own ethereal way • chained in this half-life.

Half is not enough! • But not by force, I see now. • To have, I must free.

Can I be set free? • This world is all I have known • Here I am secure.

Please. Take the leap.  • Breaking my dreamcatcher, • holding my breath.

Racing heart, held breath • Jump? Leap! Take the chance for him! • Out of dream, falling….

Bolt upright, I reach • sun bright on my ‘catcher’s web • for my fading dream.

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