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Poetry ~ Draw ~ a Senryu Duel

As we are wont to do, @_Monocle_ and I livened the Twitter stream with a Senryu Duel…

Ponders the gauntlet • last possession of my knight • Tossed, “a duel?” at you.

What’s this? A mailed glove. • A challenge for the fair maid? • Or by her instead?

“By it is indeed • and for as well. Conquer me? • Am I worth your sword?”

“Worth my sword and more, • I would risk all to have you. • All of you, or nought.”

“All of me, you say? • The best of you I require. • You’re more than your sword.”

Sword, wit; both cutting • weapons past used, not enough • with the stakes so high

I will test your heart. • Not the hardened edge of you • I want that inside.

Fires of the body • may warm, but a heart like mine • burns all who touch it.

I will stoke your flames • into conflagration. • be reborn, phoenix.

I will consume you. • I have left ashes before. • Tempt at your peril.

I am no fair maid • for you to frighten away. • We are one and same.

That we will soon see • as I open you to me • our battle is joined

Spread me, take you • You think you know my puzzle • You will be conquered.

Bold, assured, naive. • Deep inside, where I fill you • body, heart, mind know.

Did you look deep, sir • to see the shadow beneath • my creamy soft skin?

I feel it inside • you are right, we are kindred • your dark calls to mine.

We are dangerous • the pair of us. Black inside. • Can we survive “us”?

Two black halves a (w)hole. • Survival matters not • if completion comes.

Implosion promised • falling into you, in me • tearing me apart.

Grappled, clawed and bruised • blood sings as in true battle • taking, taken deep.

Marked inside and out • leaving me all over you • You brand me deeper.

More than just my seed • my desire’s molten core • I plant inside you

Forging something new • in passions deep inferno • chains with which to bind.

We become alloyed • in the melding crucible • dark, shining, joined souls

New mettle, allies • not combatants, tempered blade • I am your sword, now.

All risked, two victors: • shadows’ equilibrium; • gauntlet, a keepsake.

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