Nexus : :: Another Michael Bekemeyer Project

Nexus :

1 : a connection or link

2 : a connected group or series

I never thought to be tackling a project such as Nexus, but I find I’m heading into the fourth day and determined as ever to make it a success.  I don’t know if anyone has ever thought of Twitter as a nexus, but I certainly have.  Through Twitter I’ve made connections both personal and professional, found friends and peers and more.  I’ve been exposed to ideas I never gave thought to, have entered into debates about everything from which words erotica writers prefer for sex acts to nature of love.
This project is all about connections.  The connection between you, my readers, and myself, and between myself and a dear friend, Michael Bekemeyer.  See, without Twitter, I’m not sure I’d have ever become friends with an independent filmmaker, nor would it have been likely that I’d be spearheading a fundraising campaign to fund his next project.  And yet, thanks to the internet and Twitter, here I am, tackling a project I first heard about on Twitter and devoting it to helping my friend.
So.  What is Nexus?  Nexus is the illegitimate brainchild of a bottle of wine and a bar of chocolate that got together after a late afternoon chat with Michael the last week of October.  Yes, this harebrained idea came to me while vaguely tipsy and on a sugar high.  And yes, it came to me at the 11th hour.  But, y’know what?  I generally fly by the seat of my pants, so it’s no surprise to me(and likely not to my friends either) that I decided not only that I wanted to help Michael with his project but that I would dive, headfirst, no plot, no plan, not even a vague clue of a character, into the NaNoWriMo challenge.

My challenge : write 50k words in the month of November.

Your challenge : sponsor my words – $0.01/wordBy the way, every individual who donates $5 or more will get an e-copy of the published work!!

Are you in?  Cause I am.  As of today, November 15th, 10:33am EST I’m 23,726 words into this project.  It exists of two parts, actually.  Nexus : a novella about a very specific connection about two specific individuals and Nexus : The Anthology, a collection of twitterotica pieces.

So.  Join me.  Support me and support another artist.  This is a chance to see what public patronage of independent artists can do.  Can you spare a dollar?  That’s 100 words, I write one hundred word flashers all the time.  Every bit will help us reach our goal.  To sponsor all 50,000 words.

Note: All funds go directly to Michael.

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