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Welcome to another week of smut! Writing challenges can be found far and wide, and this one has just one goal – to inspire you to write!
We’ve been rolling around rather well here for a while, so I thought I’d mix it up a little. Starting today, the prompts, while still being mostly random, are going to have some sort of tie between them for each month. For instance, most of May was colors, June will be sensations…essentially, the months will have a sort of theme to them. This will allow those who enjoy working on a larger scale the option to do an overreaching arc of stories, if they like, while still offering up the differences that I’ve grown to enjoy in the offerings each week.
The result of all of this, I hope, is two-fold; for writers, a weekly challenge to keep the, err, juices flowing. For readers, you’ll find all the stories linked off at the bottom of each week’s prompt. Are you game? Will you try your hand at some on the fly writing? Will you expose your work to new readers, will you read along and find new authors? I do hope so.
So, without further ado, let’s get this thing rolling! To join in is as simply as this:
Write a story with the prompt as your title. Today’s will be :


Tweet it with both the prompt hashtag and the hashtag #FuckMeFridayAnd lastly add it to the links at the bottom of this post.(note, if you don’t want to tweet it or don’t have a blog, I invite you to post your story in the comments section.


“Are you listening?”


“And what do you hear?”


“And what do you hear now…”

“Oh god.  Wet.”

“Wet what?”

“Wet sounds…you’re….you’re………fuck.”

“Tell me, babe.  What do you hear?”

“I think. . . I think I hear your hand.”

“Mmmhmmm.  And?”

“And. . . ”

“Tell me, Liz.”

“I’m listening.  Hush.”

“Oooh, bossy.

“Shh.  I hear your breaths.  You’re getting worked up.  I can hear the rub of your arm against the sheets.  You’re…jesus.  Why do you call and do this to me?”

“Mm.  Because I can, love.  And because you love it.”


“Well baby, if we could do that, I wouldn’t be doing this.”

“No?  You wouldn’t do that for me?  Let me watch?”

“This isn’t about watching.  Listen.”

“oh god.”


Are you going to. . .”


“Oh.  Fuck.”

“Liz. . .”

“Yes.  Please.  Yes.”


“Ooooh.  God.”

“When’s your shift over?”

“Three hours.”

“I’ll meet you at your place.”

“How in the hell am I going to make it through another three hours?  Do you know what you do to me?”

“You’ll manage.  You always do.  You’re too proud of your uniform to do otherwise.  And yes.  I do.”


“Mmmhmmm.  But I love the thought of you driving your cruiser around soaked and wanting.”

“Payback’s a bitch, you know.”

“I’m counting on it.”


6 thoughts on “Listen :: FuckMeFriday

  1. *Gasp* Love it. Thought this was going to be another LTR, but I’m so glad they get to do it soon. What is it about watching – hearing – a man get off on his own that is so hot?

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