It was that thing you love to hear. . .

. . . when you’re trying to get healthy and lose weight.

“Y’know, I know I just saw you Saturday evening, but have you lost weight?”

That was one of the compliments I received last night.  It made me smile!

I honestly don’t know if I have.  I know my weight when I was at the doctor’s on the 30th(*winces and whispers…311).  But my scale at home takes fancy batteries.  Read: I can’t weigh myself at home.  Most of the clothes I wear are loose fitting, so I couldn’t really tell you from my clothes either.

Still, I’ll take the compliment and run with it! ;)

This was the extent of my ‘outside’ yesterday.  I won’t say I failed with my 365 project.  It’s a goal to get outside every day, but I don’t need all the guilt that happens when you make a ‘resolution’ and don’t carry it through.  I did, however, still get enough activity that my muscles were sore by the end of the day; It just happened to be in bed.  *grin*

Today I’m going to try a yoga class.  It’s ‘curvy’ yoga, which means, hopefully, I won’t be too uncomfortable.  Wish me luck!

P.S. Rejection email in the inbox this morning.  As far as those go, it’s a good one, but still bummed about that.  Now to figure out where this lost child goes next.

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