Inspiration anywhere, everywhere

Always Definition, Commitment Ring from HappyGoLicky on Etsy

Sometimes the simplest things can inspire me.  This isn’t a simple thing.  In fact, it’s complicated in so many, many ways.  But when I saw this image while browsing Etsy yesterday I knew there was a story in it.  I need to finish with my Weres, first, but I think this might be next.

I see jaded lovers and complicated lives.  I see faith and love and truth and a need to connect.  I see surrender.  I see failure.  I see a willingness to forgive and to come together and be more than they are apart.

Someone remind me of this when I’m done with my Weres.  Because though they don’t have names I can see these two.  That one sits on a bench in a park and hides her tears from the world.  The other never sits still, never stops, never allows herself to feel.  Because feeling means dealing and dealing means moving on.

Right.  Back to the Weres.



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