#FiveMinuteFiction ~ Practice Makes Perfect

This week’s word prompt at Lea Petersen‘s Five Minute Fiction Challenge was the word preview

“What are you doing?” Her lips tickled my ear even as her fingers traced the hollow of my spine.  I shivered, tamping down the urge to turn from my work.

“A test run,” I murmured, continuing to stir, watching the surface of the chocolate.

“A test run, mmhmm, of what?” She fit against me, just so, arm sliding around my waist, her mouth deliver a warm puff of air against the sensitive spot behind my ear.

I swallowed a whimper.  “Of my new recipe,” I managed to say, eyes drifting shut, struggling for focus as her fingers slid, cool and soft, against the warm skin of my stomach.

“Ooooh.”  This time her lips vibrated against the slope of my neck and I groaned, my free hand sliding down over the curve of her hip, complicit in my distraction as I tugged her closer.  “We get a sneak peek, do we?”

“Yes,” I whispered, turning my head to capture her lips in a slow, thorough kiss.  The scent of chocolate twirled around us, her moans slipped from her mouth to mine and I fed upon them, my own private ambrosia.  We parted and I smiled at her flushed cheeks and bright eyes.

“So when’s the preview,” she teased and I cursed roundly, turning to my fudge, groaning as I turned it off and poured it into the waiting pan.  “Sorry,” she whispered, slipping her arms around me again.  “I’ll make it up to you.”

I growled and turned to lift her up, my frustration tumbling into a laugh as she wrapped her legs shamelessly around me.  “You definitely will.  And I’ll just have to try again later.”

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