Five Minute Fiction ~ Length

At a nudge from @_Monocle_ I tried my hand at some Five Minute Fiction on Leah Petersesn’s blog, Write Me!.  I also tweeted the piece under the hashtag #Length

I wander the room, waiting. I wonder, again, what length she’ll go to in her avoidance of our kiss. Because it’ll happen; it’s inevitable. Somewhere in this space we’ll meet, our eyes will clash and cling. We’ve danced these steps before and it ends the same, each time. A stare, a drift, a collision course of mouths that concludes in one of our beds, tangled in a fuck neither of us comprehend.
So I wait, examining the gallery walls, feeling her orbit narrow onto me, our gravity too strong to break, our inevitable immersion latent in the air. And ponder, too, when one of us will actually stay.


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