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Fallen Angels ~ A Series of Senryus

Some days creativity calls to creativity, and things such as this are born.  The sequence of senryu poems below sprung up on Twitter over the course of yesterday and today between the oh so talented Raziel Moore(@_Monocle_) and myself.  edit to add:
Monocle has posted our Senryu tale on his blog with different formatting.  While I hilighted to show who wrote, he formatted to show who spoke.  It’s amazing and reads in a whole new light.

“If found, please return”
Sign on a slightly smudged soul
I took home last night.
“Fallen, leave her be”
warning whispered by angels
of the soul I was.
Scars where wings were
itch occasionally
faint reminders
His emblem was she
chained angel at his side, wings
blazoned on his shield
Heavenly host lost
His mortal coil entwines her
He feels what she was.
Not fallen, stolen
seduced from the choir; captured
His blessing in flesh
I couldn’t keep it.
Even bruised, souls belong home.
I went a-hunting.
damned. Snared, captured pulled down to earth
New falconer’s pet
Walking randomly,
 trusting spirit’s connections, 
I found her. And him.
Damned soul forgotten
fallen love unrequited
a wingless lost cause..
Cold eyes glint, watching
a stumbling knight come to wrest
his ill gotten prize
She fell for want of love
wings stripped, bound by her halo
to serve her savior.
I, too, can see wrong.
And I have a heart to lose.
Both happen so fast!
Fallen angel rise
the mortal plane to scour
a love to cleanse him.
“Leave here. She is mine!”
A snarl and warning to all,
fist clenched to possess.
Feral laugh and sneer
“You think high of yourself.” Steals
that which he once was.
I have a weapon:
My strike returns it to him;
the damaged soul – his
Blooded arrow’s tip
torn from heaven’s embrace. He’s
her deliverance?
Wounded soul burns in
forcing eyes open, to know
pain felt, and pain caused
Descent and Rebirth
her soul’s delivery in
despair. Grounded. Down.

Collapsed before me,
both hurt. But for each, new paths.
I kneel at her side.

A plea, “Help him first.”
Love’s sacrifice. Wingless. By
Heaven forbidden.

Truth-scarred, bristlling, yet 
can’t unmake himself again,
accepts offered hand.
Invisible wounds,
hidden sins. secret promise
 for _him_. She is his.

Time for mirrors
vanquished thief sighs, reflects.
He turns to go.
“If we take them both…”
demon’s whisper, suggestive.
Dark thoughts, turning back.

to be continued?

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