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Enchantments of an Obscene Mouth

This is far from my normal fare, so I’m curious as to how well I managed it.  Feedback is definitely appreciated.  As to where it came from….I haven’t a clue! 


I can’t tear my eyes away from his mouth.  It’s lush and cardinal sin red.  His stubble just makes it more so, the dark shadow of it stark behind the full curve of his lower lip and the bow of his upper.  A man’s mouth shouldn’t look so inviting.

The bar is dim and deserted.  His name is Kevyn and the bartender is watching him suck at his bottle of beer just as hungrily as I am.  His tongue pushes out to catch a drop and my body is react with phantom constrictions to an organ I don’t have.

I’ve never wanted to have a cock so badly.

His eyes slide to mine and away, again.  Aaron starts the familiar motions of closing up as I rise.  It’s time.  A couple bid me goodnight and I shake their hands.  The lock engages behind them with a whisper.

Kevyn’s watching me when I return from the door. His lanky  form isn’t to my taste but that mouth. . .

I catch a fistful of hair before he can stand.  His adam’s apple slides up and down in his throat as I pull his head back and my mind flashes, again, to the vision of his sinful mouth sliding over the taut knob of a cock.  Aaron pauses at the end of the bar, his lips parting and I know his jeans are tightening with a flood with blood.

“Stay or go.”  My lips brush against the curve of his ear, staining it with my lipstick.  Kevyn’s lashes dip then left and he meets my eyes.  His are hazel, I see now, flecks of gold suspended in mossy green and brown with a streak of blue in the left.  The pupils constrict and dilate as I free him and step back.

His cheeks brighten until they almost match his mouth.  My heels click on the beat up floor when he rises.  I cock my head and wait, refusing to crane my neck and acknowledge the foot of height he has on me.  His jeans hang low on his hips and I catch sight, again, of the keyring that caught my eye when he walked in, black with a blue stripe, small but distinct.

My teeth ache when he hooks his thumbs in his pockets and rocks on his heels.  The posture is cocky but his expression is the perfect combination of uncertainty and curiosity.  “Kneel.”  My voice comes out and I don’t recognize the hungry thing it is.  His eyes dart back to Aaron and he pulls his lower lip between his teeth.  My cunt clenches.

I reach and drag my nails down the curve of his neck.  He twists back around, the tension in him vibrates through my fingers.  “On your knees,  please,” I whisper.  His eyes are on my mouth and I repeat the words, my fingers sliding around his long neck.

Kevyn’s body is all angles and lines as he folds to his knees before me.  He looks up at me, his lips open, revealing the wet interior.  My body is reacting and I’ve pulled his face to my thighs before I can help it.  I want a cock to shove between his lips.  He pushes his nose against my slacks and the back of his neck is tight under my hand.

Stepping away is the hardest thing I can do.

Behind him Aaron grips a barstool, his body so tight I can see every tendon standing out.  “Please clean up, Aaron.”  My voice is the cool, collected one it needs to be.  The bartender jumps as if I’ve struck him.  He starts working again and I erase his presence from my mind.

Without looking I reach for a chair.  “Show me your cock.”  I sit, cross my legs and swallow a moan at the slickness of my thighs.  Kevyn’s fingers fumble at his fly.  “Leave the button though,” I add and his eyes dart up.  His tongue pushes at his lower lip again and I stamp on the urge to spread my thighs and instruct him to use it.  “Don’t look away,” I instruct.  His eyelids flutter and the chatter of his teeth is loud in the bar.

My eyes take in the view he presents.  His chest is jerking already with short breaths, pulling at his thin tee.  His nipples are tiny pebbles and the hairy swirls down his abdomen are bared by the ruck created  by his arm.  His palms rest on his thighs, twitching, bracketing the gape in his jeans.

“Isn’t that lovely.”  His cock stands up through his jeans, dark with blood and shiny hard.  I look at it, let my tongue touch my lip and watch as his hips move enough to make the length sway.  Like him it’s lanky and his balls sit heavy and dark against the white of his underwear.

“Touch yourself.”  Behind me a low groan reveals Aaron’s location.  Kevyn’s eyes flicker away and I shake my head.  “No.  Look at me,” I say, leaning forward, pulling his attention back to me.  His eyes focus on mine.  His cheeks are darker still and his mouth is even more fuckable.  “Your boyfriend isn’t a part of this,” I whisper.  Later he will be.  Later I will spend hours torturing both of these willing, delicious boys.  But for now. . . “This is you and me.  You’re going to come for me right here, on your knees, fully clothed, wishing someone else would touch you, just a little.”

Kevyn makes a sound that’s something between a whimper and a moan and all deperation.  His mouth has opened further and I reach out.  “Both hands now, Kevyn.  Give me a show.”  My fingers are a hair away from his lips and I wait.

There’s a moment of stillness before his whole body flexes.  The open surrender in his expression sends a fresh flood of hunger through me.  His shoulders roll and the movement carries down his arms.  His left fist closes around the base of his cock and he palms his balls in his right.  “Squeeze,” I whisper and he and Aaron both let out a sound that makes me bare my teeth in a terrible, vicious smile.  “Put your cock back in your pants and finish up, Aaron.”  I don’t look for him but the widening of Kevyn’s eyes is nothing but delicious.

My toy strokes himself and there’s nothing languid about it.  With the sounds of Aaron closing up the bar behind us an odd soundtrack he settles in a rhythm that is full of his lover’s frustration.  “Slow down.”  He groans but obeys and my eyes lower to watch.  Suddenly, with my gaze on his hands his motions shift.  Kevyn rolls his palm up and over the head, smearing the drop waiting there back down.  His skin, so tight it shines, gleams in the low light of the bar.  His fight tugs and squeezes his balls.

I stand.  “Don’t stop.”  I lift the chair onto the table behind me and catch sight of Aaron’s tight, frustrated face behind the bar.  I hide my smile and move behind Kevyn.  His entire body is moving, his ass lifting up as he fucks into his own hand.  I crouch behind him and fist my hand in his hair again.

“Your mouth is obscene.”  I pull his head back and his body arcs.  “If I had a cock I don’t know that I could resist fucking it day and night.”  I speak loud enough for Aaron to hear and hear him groan in response.  Kevyn’s movements loose their deliberate pace.  “I would push my cock between your lips just to watch them open.”  I reach around and push my fingers against his lush mouth.  He sucks at them, his hands jerking wildly at his cock and I chuckle in his ear.  “Oh yes.  I’d have to have you as my little cockwhore, on your knees, sucking and licking me.  Now why don’t you come for me, you good little boy…”

Kevyn shouts and lurches against my hand.  A streak of come leaps from between his fingers.  The second one lands on the back of his hand and he keeps stroking until he sags and shudder.  My fingers loosen in his hair and I rise.  “Aaron, clean up Kevyn’s mess and bring him upstairs.  We aren’t done.”

I leave the two men and climb the stairs to the office above the bar.  I pull the bag out from behind the desk, my stomach tightening at the smell of leather and click of steel.  I settle in the chair to wait, glad I accepted my bartender’s invitation to play.  the night promises to be full and decadent.  The heavy tread of boots on the steps sends a throb of want through my cunt and I take a deep breath.  Anticipation.  What a lovely, unfamiliar cocktail.



3 thoughts on “Enchantments of an Obscene Mouth

  1. I’m moved by erotica that portrays the Domme in a human light, not just a cruel order-barking automaton. The experience was new and exciting for her, and you conveyed that very well.

    As for the story itself… so, so hot. When she whispers that she wants him to be her cockwhore, I started cursing underneath my breath. You sideswiped a firm fantasy of mine.

    1. *evil laugh*

      Ooooh, I love that I got you cursing. Now that’s a response! This whole piece was supposed to be done in 500 words…..and ended up being so much more than that. Really glad you enjoyed it, Xi :)


  2. i second everything that X said. except for the cursing. one needs breath to curse, after all, and i think i forgot to breathe through pretty much all of that…
    so glad you went beyond the 500 words. it’s exactly the right length.

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