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Dedication is out!

It is my absolute pleasure to announce that Dedication has been released today by Republica Press! Where are the balloons, streamers and kazoos?

I had looked forward to this weekend for weeks, not my first with Elizabeth, merely the next in the succession of our passion, but time with her was cherished; relished.  The emptiness of the house surprised me, though the note on the door asked for patience and promised reward for it. My evening passed with a growing sense of anticipation. The longer it went the more certain I grew of what state Elizabeth would be in when she arrived. She had known I would be coming, had known I would be spending the night.
And still she tarried, still I waited, alone. The hours passed, I made a light dinner, sipped at some wine and finally retreated to her bedroom. I dozed, waiting in her bed, waiting to warm her, curl with her to sleep, at least. My eyes opened in the dark as I heard the soft whisper of clothes sliding to the floor, the pad of bare feet. I could smell her before she pulled the covers back; sweet sweat and sex. Arousal chased my spine like a caressing finger and I took a deeper breath.
She’d been with him.

A tale of lust, desire, and the truth of just how entangled and complicated relationships can be, Dedication will turn you on and may just make you cry.  I do hope you’ll get your own copy and lose yourself in the story.

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