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:|: CyberBorn :|: #Circuit :|: Module2


: | : CyberBorn : | :

: | :Circuit::Module2: | :


cont(Wire:Module1) -> code_switch





sort([X || X < K, X])





A Cyrum’s cortex is preloaded at birth.  Within the terabytes of storage offered by the careful structure and growing of my brain I could search the histories of mankind, the law libraries of every system in the Cooperative, as well as varied technical and research libraries as loaded by request by various owners.

I know the history of abolitionism.  I can recite the course of suffrage movements, democracies and republics and more.

Until the moment Cheyenne touched her fingertips to my jaw I didn’t understand any of it.

The tiny cicuits married to my nervous system flared to life at the simple press of her fingers against my skin.  In a flash her fingerprints etched themselves into my memory.  On instinct I turned my head and captured her forefinger between my teeth.  Her gasp flooded heat and wet to the junction of my thighs.  Systems and programs once devoted to guiding my behaviors and actions in accordance with scripts and subroutines now applied themselves to the exploration of living tissue.  My tongue narrowed to a point and tracked every whorl and loop, the jump in her heartbeat, and the precise width of her lips as they parted.

The attention I once paid to tasks assigned to me I rerouted to learning her reactions.  Each finger received the same attention, then her palm, and her delicate inner wrist with its near circuit-like tracery of veins.  My thoughts fluttered when I realized we no longer stood but instead reclined on the pallet that was my place of rest.  Her hands pushed at my body suit and mine shoved at her slacks and blouse.  I wanted her flesh.

The slide of her palms down my hips forced a low sound from my throat.  “Do you know what you want?” Her question, fanned against my lips by urgent breaths, made me growl.  Bursts of computing shoved observation after another into my memory banks for later review.  What were those sounds?  How did I make them?  What sensation provoked such spontaneous response?

“I want you.”  Her lips crashed against mine.  The subroutine monitoring my vitals continued to spit numbers across my vision.

BT 96.8 :: HR 75 :: BT 96.9 HR 80 :: BT 97.4 HR 83 :: BT 98.8 HR 90 :: BT 99.4 HR 87 ::

Between one second and another I decided the numbers didn’t matter and shut down the routine.

I closed my eyes and felt.  Her lips melded to mine, soft and strong.  When they parted I matched her movements, my chest rumbling with another sound when her tongue touched my lower lip then the upper.

Circuits ceased to matter.  There existed no separation between programming and realization, between numbers and senses and ciruits and wiring.  I was one and I was free.



: | : CyberBorn : | :

: | :Circuit::Module2: | :




name() = Electric::Module3




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    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it, Bekkie :) CyberBorn is one of the wips I’m currently working on and I certainly hope to get it published. As for what I’d suggest? Well, Slipping Time(written as Scarlett Greyson) has a scifi element to it and is available through Smashwords. Finding Anastasia holds a special place in my heart, but then so does Dedication. It all depends on what flavor you’re looking for! Links to the books can all be found on the “about the author” page :)

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